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CHINESE MM / 中国经销管理
1. Be respectful to all users, Staff, Moderators, and Support especially.
2. Do not start, instigate, or participate in drama of any kind.
3. Usage of hate speech, insults, racial slurs is forbidden.
4. Use Common Sense.
5. Do not randomly ping staff or support.
6. Do not mention users if they doesn't want to be mentioned.
7. Advertising of any kind is prohibited (Including in DMs).
8. All moderation is final. Contact a higher-up for any issues with a staff member.
9. Higher staff Members reserve the right to ban/kick/mute at their own discretion.
10. We have the right to ban or kick anyone without a reason. Don't tempt us.
11. Do not argue with staff. Decisions are final.
12. Do not impersonate other users or staff.
13. Do not post SCIDs (usernames), RIDs, SC accounts or names
14. Follow Discord's Rules, ToS, and Guidelines as well as our own.
15. Do not send or link any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers, or malware.

If a rule violation is seen, please report to Staff immediately. We have the right to edit rules at any moment in time.
Not open for further replies.