Fiora ChangeLogs


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-Added Walk underwater
-Added Zoom Options Submenu
-Fixed Anti AFK
-Added A new UI system(IMGUI)
-Improved notify system
-Added Ultra Jump
-Fixed Teleport To Waypoint
-Added Teleport to Custom Coords
-Added Option to teleport Forward/Back
-Added Option to Auto Restore Original IPLs
-Added Vehicle Imange perview (imgui only)
-Added Option to Go Into Personal Vehicle
-Added Option to Set Ballistic Armor Value
-Improved Rank option
-Added Full on Stat Editor
-Fixed Weapons does very low damage
-Added Player joining/leaving detection
-Added View Social Club Profile using RID
-Added Cops Ignore
-Added Gangs Ignore
-Added No Noise
-Fixed Vehicle falling under the ground after unselecting it
-Added Vehicle Kick Protection
-Added Option to block Spectate Message
-Added Option to block report
-Added Desync Kick
-Added Option enable Bullet Proof Tyres
-Added Option to Drive On Water
-Added Option to Teleport to Objective
-Fixed HotKeys
-Added Option to block chat spam/words
-Reworked the WaterMark
-Added Crosshair Option
-Added 2D box to ESP option
-Added Skeleton to ESP option
-Added Health/Armour Bar to ESP option
-Added Crash Protection
-Added Option to change screen color
-Added Option to Change ESP to

-Fixed Waypoint not found spam
-Move all the downloading stuff to the loader
-Added full translation to casino heist helper
-Fixed all known Crashing problem on inject

-Fixed Freezing while fully injected
-Improved stability
-Moved FioraFiles folder to Documents
-Added Auto Resize to the menu for other screen resolution users
-Improved Crash
-Fixed Menu is glitching when moved to the edge of the screen
-Fixed crashing option self crashing when too close to the player
-Changed Native UI open key to the same as imgui

-Fixed Teleport to Objective
-Added Auto Save settings (Imgui)
-Added Option to load settings
-Added Option to Save settings
-Fixed crashing while loading Language in Native UI

-Added Option to Walk On Water
-Rework the list UI
-Fixed menu disappearing while scrolling through the vehicle spawn list
-Fixed Black Hole Crashing
-Improved stability
-Loader Download speed Improved

-Fixed scroll speed being very slow
-Fixed Player Submenu crashing
-Translation files now redownload everytime you login on the loader

-Added Option to Blame player
-Added Dead Eye gun
-Added Option to Set Waypoint To Player
-Added Custom Globals tester
-Added Script Monitor

Loader Side Update
-The loader UI name is now changed from loader.exe to Fiora.exe
-Added Icon to the loader

-Added Net Events Protection
-Added Option to randomize Tire Smoke
-Added Option to randomize car color
-Added Invalid Owner Crash Protection

-Added Icons to the notification
-Improved crash
-Fixed Slow Motion wasn't working
-Added Option to Save theme/load theme in the list UI
-Added Option to load custom png/jpg images as the header to the list UI

-Fixed the changing fonts on the menu wasn't working
-Added Custom fonts support to the list UI
-Fixed crashing after unload

-Added Option to change Player Model by name
-Added Option to change Walk Style by name
-Added Option to play animation/Scenario by name
-Added Option to Set Light to yourself
-Added Option to Change hours/minutes of the time
-Added Option to Give Weapon/Remove Weapon to yourself by name
-Added Option to Open/Close selected Door
-Added Option to spawn vehicle by name
-Added Option to Load IPL by name
-Improved stability

-Fixed block report wasn't working
-Rework some protections
-Added Ceo Money protection
-Added Send To Cutscene Protection
-Added Modder detection
-Fixed player could't get into your car

-Updated v2545
-Fixed memory leak in some of the hook
-Fixed When Spawn by name Clean/SpawnInside/SpawnMaxed Vehicle wasn't working
-Added The new DLC Vehicles

-Fixed Join session on the menu wasn't working
-Improved the speed of streaming the DLL
-Fixed menu crashing when loading big fonts

-Fixed player out of sync problem
-Fixed Spectate player wasn't working

-Fxied Skip Cayo Perico Heist Prep
-Added Doomsday Heist Skip
-Added Option to modify vehicle's attributes

-Added Option to spoof Username/IP/RID
-Added Disable error screen hook
-Fixed fast swim

-Added Spoofed username and Spoofed Rockstar ID value to settings
-Added Steal Vehicle Gun

-Fixed some bugs in the disable error screen hook
-Added The contract dlc weapons
-Added Vehicle Gun
-Improved the speed of streaming the DLL
-Fixed crash protection causes heavy desync/Crashes

-Fixed watermark is not fully gone once disabled
-Improved Script Events tester

-Added Cayo Perico heist Teleports
-Improved heist helper
-Improved unlock all

Web Side Update
-New theme

-Rework some features
-Fixed line ESP keep disappearing
-Improved Set Character Level
-Added More savable options
-Added Option to save last Translation used
-Fixed fast swim
-Added Option to change notification transparency

-Fixed Teleporting to Objective too high in the Air
-Improved Give All Weapons
-Added Jump Around Mode
-Added Max Upgrade All Weapons/Max Upgrade Current Weapon
-Added Auto Get All Weapons/Auto Get All Weapon Upgrades
-Added Big ass phone
-Moved Player Info to the menu's right
-Fixed unable to open phone while the menu is injected
-Added Option to Spawn explosion to player
-Improved Script event logging
-Improved Flash Run
-Improved Net Event Protection

-Added Cayo Heist Cut manager
-Added More translation support

-Added 100% Cut (All Players) for Casino Heist
-Improved Net Event Protection
-Now you can pick individually which net event you want to block
-Added Set Payout To $3.5M (All Players) for Casino Heist
-Fixed some bugs in the event hook

-Moved Fiora related files into C drive
-Added Option to Skip Fleeca Job heist setups
-Added Set Payout for Fleeca Job heist $15M

-Changed some InputInt function to SliderInt
-Disable all control actions when typing in spoofing information
-Removed Attach/Detach Object to players
-Added Option to Add 8 years to the Total Playing Time
-Added Option to Maximise Club Popularity

-Improved Global Editor
-Fixed some bugs in some of the hooks
-Added Option to customize the toggle of the menu open keys
-Fixed Vehicle Weapons crashing
-Added HotKeys Support for a few options(Will be adding more later on)

-Improved information on the playerlist
-Reworked some options
-Fixed some bugs with some SliderInt function
-Moved Skip AutoShopContract Prep to heist helper tab
-Moved Stat Editor to recovery tab
-Improved Stat Editor
-Fixed unloading causing crashing problem after the 2.2.9 update

-Fixed some crashing problem with the ChatHook
-Improved Player Join/Leave hook
-Added Network Bail Protection
-Fixed crashing on the list UI when scrolling down below 21/27 on the protection submenu
-Improved Aimbot/Triggerbot
-Added ESP for NPC
-Added Rainbow Neon
-Reworked some options
-Added Always Wanted
-Added GetLabelText hook
-Improved Report Protection

-Fixed some bugs with Script Events tester
-Removed Invalid Owner
-Fixed crashing problem once RevealPlayers is enabled
-Added Vehicle Info to click UI
-Added Preset Style Selector for click UI
-Added Option to Swap Model
-Removed useless ScriptEvent Protections
-Fixed Go Into Personal Vehicle crashing
-Improved unlocks
-Fixed Block Ads
-Added Option to Block Chat

-Reworked some options
-Added Infinite Clip
-Added Network Bail Kick
-Fixed Teleport to Objective
-Added Option to Send player to island
-Added translation support to more options
-Added Player ID to the info tab
-Added Option to turn on/off Render Notification

-Reworked some options
-Fixed some bugs with the trolling options
-Added Option to Bounty player
-Improved stability and performance

-Improved WaterMark
-Added Force Crosshairs
-Added No Recoil
-Added No Spread
-Improved Get All Weapons/Auto Get all Weapons
-Fixed Auto Get All Weapon Upgrades
-Fixed thermal scope of the gun/thermal imaging in the helmet not be able to turn on
-Removed ThermalVision/NightVision

-Added options to Clear Wanted Level/Loop Never Wanted to other players
-Added option to Taze Player
-Added TransitionState
-Added Bring Player(Only work if player is in a vehicle)
-Improved Steal Outfit
-Improved FreeCam
-Improved Set local time

-Improved some hooks
-Improved Max Upgrade Vehicle
-Improved Spawn Max Upgrade Vehicle
-Improved Spectate Player
-Improved Set Local Time
-Improved Stat Editor
-Improved Unlocks
-Added Option to log GTA Threads Start/Terminate
-Added Option to turn on/off Modder Detection Notification
-Added Option to turn on/off Override Time
-Added SHV Support

-Improved SHV loader
-Improved Some vehicle options
-Improved Message logging
-Improved Ads Blocker
-Removed list Ui(Current being reworked)
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