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Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is the Open key for the menu
A: Insert key

2: Why am I getting Error 12 on the launcher
B: Install c++ redistributable 2015-2019 and reboot your computer after the installation.

3: Error 22 on the launcher
C: means invalid module ID was entered.

4: Why am I getting Failed to get dependencies while trying to download
D: means you have a unsupported char in your username, dm an administrator for a username change.

5: Stuck on downloading the loader
E: try clearing your website cache, or try it on a different browser.

6: Stuck on injecting on the loader
F: try to switch to a different server on the server, try connecting to a VPN or disconnect from it.

7: Why is it saying I am not logged in while trying to download the launcher
G: In front of fiora.one add www.

8: Is there a Installation Guide

-呼出菜单 ins_insert

-注入过慢 更换加速器 关闭加速器 更换注入时选择的服务器(0-2都试一遍)

-注入崩溃 删除C/你的用户名/文档/Fiorafiles整个文件夹然后重新注入

-加载中文 Other-Chinese
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